Virtual Online Job Fair Packages

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Choose Your PackageVirtual StandardVirtual SilverVirtual Platinum
Number of  Virtual Online Job Fair(s)
1  Job Fair 1 Job Fair1 Job Fair
Recruiter(s) attending event
1 recruiter pass
3 recruiter passes
5 recruiter passes
Job Posting(s)
each job posting advertised for 30 days
1 job posting3 job postings5 job postings
Resume Views
*allows you to pre-screen job seekers and schedule interviews for the day of the job fair.  This is a very important feature.
No resume views 150 Resume views
(50 per recruiter)
250 Resume views per recruiter
(50 per recruiter) 
Newsletter Marketing
over 1.5 million educators receive our newsletter.  Your job postings and attendance to job fair will be advertised in our newsletter.

Your school featured in our Virtual Job Fair landing page
all job seekers attending the event will see your school information, jobs and logo/website 
Email list of all job seekers attending the job fair
receive an excel with the name, phone, email of all job seekers registered to attend the job fair.  This is excellent way to follow up after the event]]
 Virtual StandardVirtual SilverVirtual Platinum
USDNow  $675Now  $875 Now  $1275
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