Teacher Job Fairs Management Team

Our Team has over 100 Years of Teaching and Education Management Experience!

Rubicela (Ruby) Acosta, CEO & President 

Ms. Acosta has over twenty years of management experience in human resources, technology and bilingual and diversity recruitment.  Ms. Acosta founded the leading Bilingual Diversity recruitment company, Latcareers.com.  As a niche job board, Latcareers.com works with Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and clients in education to assist them in recruiting Diversity and Bilingual career seekers.  Ms. Acosta has been awarded numerous recognitions including 40 under 40, Woman of Influence, Top Business of Year and Top Young Business Leader.  Ms. Acosta has been mentoring and educating youth nationwide. 

Shantel Greene   Ph.D. Vice President

Dr. Greene has been in education for over eighteen years earning her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Dr. Greene earned her Master’s degree in Educational Administration and her Ph.D. degree in Educational Psychology from Howard University. Dr. Greene is a passionate leader who works with our school clients utilizing her experience and expertise in finding the best talent with an emphasis on diversity recruitment of teachers and administrators of color.

Carlos Lopez   M.A. Director School Partnerships

Mr. Lopez has been in education for nearly thirty years earning his Bachelor’s degree in Education, Spanish. Mr. Lopez earned his Master’s degree in Teaching from USC. Mr. Lopez has been a Principal for more than fifteen years. He works with school clients throughout the country to find the best Spanish teaching talent as well as ESL, ELL, TESOL, SEI, ENL, Bilingual Education and also has extensive experience with schools in California to find BCLAD Teachers.

Walter Kelly   M.Ed. Director School Recruitment Services

Mr. Kelly is a lead for our team with the day to day interaction with our school clients throughout the US. Mr. Kelly has over twenty-three years of experience in teaching and education leadership. Mr. Kelly earned his Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Mr. Kelly earned his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Boston College. Mr. Kelly has spent some of his teaching career internationally and assists various international schools with their recruitment needs as well. Mr. Kelly helps our school clients to best match their recruitment needs with our services.

Dylan Dugan, Social Media, Digital Production & Recruitment Manager

Mr. Dugan is in charge of representing the Teacherjobfairs.org brand across social channels as the sole voice of the brand.  Mr. Dugan wears many hats focused on the marketing, branding and promotions of the company brand.  Mr. Dugan also manages the company's multimedia and digital production team producing videos and podcast.   Mr. Dugan's videos have been featured in newspapers and magazines.  Mr. Dugan also manages the Asia international recruitment team.  Mr. Dugan is currently completing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Evergreen State University and is planning on pursuing his PhD in computer science.   

William Connelly   B.Ed. Manager Recruitment Services

Mr. Connelly works daily with our school clients to find the best solutions to their recruitment needs. He has a Bachelor’s in Education from The City College of New York and has taught for seven years. He knows the challenges that face our school clients and being a recent teacher himself is able to offer insight in to best utilize our services. Mr. Connelly reports to Mr. Kelly and together can put an excellent recruitment strategy together for our school client’s needs.

Scott Bruno   OBHR  Manager Recruitment Partnerships

Mr. Bruno has a Bachelor’s in Human Resources from the University of North Texas and through his years of experience, understands many of the nuances of recruiting teachers and administrators. He has been with our team from its inception and strives to deliver an excellent client experience. Mr. Bruno reports to Mr. Lopez.

Rocio Valdez   BSBA Manager  Client Account Support

Ms. Valdez is the team member that keeps it all together for our client’s needs and wants. She and her team do an outstanding job to deliver accounting and logistics information to our clients with class. Ms. Valdez has a Bachelor’s in Management from the University of Florida. She and her team strive to deliver outstanding client service.